Sometimes life throws more at us than we can handle alone. When you feel you’re losing control and need someone to turn to our senior pastor and spiritual counselors can help you find and deepen your relationship with Christ, and learn the power and application of prayer and meditation upon God’s promises to you.



COUNSELLING & PASTORAL CARE 2Galatians 6:2 tells us that we are “to bear one anothers burdens”. This service is available to ALL who might need help.

Basic beliefs that form the foundation of the counselling service:

People are created in Gods image and have the potential to live full and meaningful lives with Gods help.

The bible serves as our authoritive framework to understand the plan of God for meaningful life (2 Timothy 3.16-17).

People have physical, cognitive emotional and spiritual needs.



Spiritual Care

COUNSELLING & PASTORAL CARE 3We help people connect with the Lord and find their true identity in Him. We provide comfort to deep wounds as truths are revealed through prayer and the Bible, God’s Holy Word.

We help you to work through struggles and establish the groundwork for repentance and forgiveness to help people move forward in life, all in God’s timing.






Intercessory Prayer Group

COUNSELLING & PASTORAL CARE 1This group gathers to focus on the Intercessory Prayers, offering thoughts and prayer for members of the church and those in need. Contact us for more information on the intercessory prayer meeting times.






Hospital Visits

pastoral care2We visit selected hospitals every Friday morning from 10:00 – 11:30am to pray for patients and lead them to Christ.






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